PCSUITE Shredder Pro 2

Permanent deletion of files, folders or complete data storage media

PCSUITE SHREDDER PRO 2 is the professional solution for reliably destroying data in accordance with international standards. In addition to wiping the data from complete data storage media and partitions, individual files and folders can also be reliably and permanently wiped. The data is overwritten several times, in accordance with recognized standards, using special algorithms (DoD, Schneier, VSITR and Gutmann).

Files, folders or complete data storage media can be deleted permanently. PCSUITE SHREDDER PRO 2 wipes sensitive data quickly and reliably, in accordance with international security standards. State-of-the-art deletion procedures guarantee that your data is wiped completely. This means that the data can no longer be restored even in the laboratory.

Wipe first, then sell

Wipe your personal data from your data storage media using PCSUITE SHREDDER PRO 2 before you sell them. This means that the new owner has no chance of restoring the original data.
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Powerful arguments in favor of PCSUITE SHREDDER PRO 2

  • Permanent deletion of files and folders
  • Permanent deletion of complete data storage media and partitions
  • Permanent deletion of files from the recycle bin
  • Permanent overwriting of free storage space
  • 5 deletion methods (simple overwriting, VSITR, DoD 5220.22-M E, Bruce Schneier, Gutmann)
  • Definition of own deletion methods
  • Signed deletion protocols as evidence and documentation for the deletion procedures throughout the company
  • Integration into Windows Explorer popup menu
  • Easy, wizard-controlled use


  • Predefined deletion profiles
  • The entire computer, including the system partition, can be permanently deleted.
  • Creates boot media on USB sticks, diskettes and CD-Rs so that entire system partitions can be wiped from there.
  • Supports multicore processors: the deletion process is speeded up considerably as the computer’s capacity is fully utilized.
  • Detailed reports: it is important for administrators in particular to have evidence showing which data was permanently wiped using which deletion method. To ensure compliance with data protection provisions, the reports can be anonymized to hide file names, for instance.
  • Signed deletion protocols: The proper data deletion process often needs to be logged. To prevent any falsification of the log files created, they are signed digitally so that the evidence is admissible in court.

Operating system

  • Windows XP Service Pack 1/ Windows Vista (32/64) / Windows 7 (32/64) / Windows 8 (32/64)
  • Graphics mode 1024×600
  • Internet Connection (recommended for program updates)