PCSUITE BOOSTER PRO also speeds up your PC

PCSUITE BOOSTER PRO searches for what your operating system has neglected and instantly creates the ideal system environment for individually selectable programs. Your Windows PC is adapted fully automatically to a variety of application areas, while offering optimum flexibility.

The reason is that the Windows factory settings are, by their nature, diversified so as to meet the needs of the vast majority of all potential users, but leave little space for customized and specific optimizations. The upshot of this is that many services, programs and features are needlessly loaded because they are not required at the moment, if at all, thereby using up system resources required more urgently for other applications, such as games.

This application removes services, programs and features (that are not required for any particular purpose and are regarded as devouring resources) from the memory during operation, thereby enabling another (freely chosen) application to operate in the ideal working environment with the maximum performance capacity available. Once the session is over, you can reset the computer just as easily to its original status.